Bringing you a Taste of It

A feast for all five senses

Come with us to explore the wide variety of exquisite fresh ingredients from local markets and family owned shops throughout Italy, as we offer you a complete immersion in today’s Italian lifestyle.

Unique experiences inspired by each location

Choose among a magical day on a fishing boat in Sicily, a breathtaking hike with spectacular views of the Dolomites, or a fascinating walk immersed in the rich history of Rome

A unique mixture of culture, nature, history and culinary style

Wander with expert art historians to learn and explore the beautiful treasures of art and culture of Italy, from North to South.

All levels of cooking skill

Experience a creative approach to the world’s most loved cuisine.
Share the step-by-step preparation of original recipes.
Delve into innovative cooking styles based on local tradition.

The concept is very simple

We are dedicated to sharing our love and knowledge of Italian cooking with you.

We believe that food is an integral part of Italy’s immense cultural and artistic heritage, which is why we think that simply teaching you new recipes is not enough.

We will take you shopping for hand picked, fresh ingredients to take back to the kitchen where you will experience Italian gourmet cooking first hand.

The real aim of is to create the “perfect recipe” for you to both know and to “Live Italy”.

We think that this can be best achieved not only through the discovery and knowledge of culinary secrets, art and culture, but also by literally living in Italy.

Our “living weeks” offer the opportunity to stay in beautiful, sensationally located houses, villas, apartments, hotels and resorts.

Everyone can join the world of we can arrange and customize upon request a week for relatives and friends who simply do want to live the "experience" without attending the cooking courses. (more info)

and many more to come...