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Italian traditional

This is the course for those willing to deeply immerse in authentic regional Italian cooking, those who really wish to discover the secrets to recognize and select quality and original raw ingredients. An unique chance of visiting the local historical markets and to learn the simple but special traditional dishes, such as the Pasta al Forno alla Siciliana, the Ribollita Toscana, the Involtini di Pescespada, the Saltimbocca alla Romana , the Pastiera Napoletana or the Torta Sbrisolona.


This course will guide all participants to explore the fantastic basic ingredients of the famous Mediterranean Diet, worldwide considered as the most healthy way of eating. We will learn how to value amazing aromas such as those of the Agrumi, the wild fennel or the ancient and popular flavours of capers and anchovies. The simplicity, the enhancements of tastes and freshness will be the essence of the recipes where the star will be the extra-virgin olive oil.

Italian Seafood

We will “dive” into regional culinary traditions to learn how to cook recipes exclusively based on fishes, shellfishes and daily selected local sea food. Participants will discover the secrets to recognize, to buy and to get the best results from one of the basic ingredients of the whole Italian cooking. We will cook only daily catches, on the barbeque, in the oven, in the pan, in the pot.

Tradition and Innovation
A new and amusing cooking course. You will cook the classic and the revised version of the same traditional recipes. Guess what will be most successful…the original Amatriciana or its “de structured” version? Two chefs will be teaching and confronting each other about two different ways of preparing the same recipe. 

Italian Vegetarian

No meat, no fish, only vegetables and fruits.
You will realize how rich, various and tasty could be the Italian vegetarian cooking. Let’s go pick up the fresh ingredients in the local neighbour markets. Let’s learn how much we can obtain with the different mixtures and the different cooking techniques. We will go back to the past, recognizing flavours and taste of the old popular tradition, almost forgotten.

Jewish High Kosher

This course is an exclusive of It is a "you-can-do" and a "you-can-do-not" game, between traditional Jewish Roman dishes and the more tasty thus sophisticated North African Kosher recipes, coming from the Tripoline Jewish community in Libya. This will be an extraordinary culinary experience so strictly connected to the culture and history of the oldest Jewish community outside Palestine, the Roman one, mixed to the arab-style influences of the little but very influent group who arrived to Rome in the Seventies.

Italian Creative

We will put aside, for a while, the great traditions, to immerse in the trendy and renowned Italian innovative cooking. We will explore new matching and mixings of ingredients, new special and extravagant cooking techniques, so peculiar and at the same time so simple to reproduce at home. Another very important moment will be the presentation of the dishes: you will amaze your families and your guests!


It is considered one of the best regional cooking in Italy. It is a real journey in many different ages and cultures like anywhere else. An island that has been a melting pot of cultures and civilizations. A priceless heritage that still remains in Sicilian recipes: Greek, French, Spanish, Arab. Names, flavours, ingredients, all mixed to create an incredible harmony: anelletti al forno, pasta con le sarde, involtini di pescespada and cannoli siciliani…


This is what housewives (and house husbands…!) cook everyday. The classics, the evergreen of Italian recipes . We will learn basic and advanced techniques, how to chose the ingredients, how to cook simple, great dishes. This course could change even your everyday life and that of your family and friends…

Pasta, Pizza & Co.

Flour will be the Queen. This is the course about the secrets of the most famous Italian recipes and meals in the world. Pasta and Pizza, the simplest basic elements of an incredible numbers of dishes, with an infinite way of combining ingredients. Fresh and dried pasta, with eggs, with water, pizza, “focacce”, read and, last but not least, the magic ritual of  cooking a risotto.
This will be a journey along the entire peninsula from the Alps to the southern cape of Sicily.

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