Taste of it is proud to immerse you to a unique experience.

Our courses are a special mixture of different approaches to the Italian way of life and culture.

You will learn both traditional and innovative Italian cooking in a “ do-it-at-home ” experience.

You will taste selected specialties from the best food, wine and olive oil producers.

We will visit local fresh food markets, butchers, grocers, olive oil mills, vineyards, buffalo farms and cheese factories.

Nature and culture

The mystery of Italy has been sought after by people from all over the world for centuries.
This search continues to this day.

The lure of Italy's natural and artistic beauty is inescapable.

The experience deliciously includes this phenomenal world renowned, with best loved cuisine and amazing varieties of wine.

The sophistication of tastes is unequaled to this day.

Each region of Italy is unique, offering its own local fare which is intrinsically linked to the special qualities of the environment from soil type to the weather; from the brightness of sunshine to the humidity in the air; from cultural traditions to historical events.

Tradition and innovation

With tasteof. it you will have the chance to learn the essential secrets of Italian cooking.

The experience of Italy today is based on centuries of tradition blended with innovation from all over the globe, with the additional benefits of modern technology.

The result is a creative culinary art form bordering on an exact science.

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