In Sicily

We are honoured to have Aurelio Carraffa, a renowned, talented and ardent chef, to expertly guide you through our cooking courses throughout Italy.

You will learn his artful secrets of the essential elements of the "taste of it" so that you will bring Italy home to your own kitchen.

Both in Salina and in Aci Trezza he will be the chef for all your cooking lessons.

In our other locations, we will have the pleasure and the honour to share the passion and the knowledge of others expert chefs and cultural experts.

In Rome

Culinary experiences in the eternal city will take place in a very special place

Six years ago, Valeria Vocaturo, in love with the art and the magic of cooking, turned a beautiful apartment located in one of the most central and fascinating areas of Rome, into an exclusive cooking school.

Even if the name "Cuoche per caso" Blog signifies a rather accidental approach to this new life, Valeria and her school represent the best mixture of creative, professional and selective cooking in Rome.

The school has a huge library of cook books, which serve both as an inspiration and as a reference library to Valeria, who specializes in typical Roman and regional cooking as well as in modern creative cuisine.
As if this wasn't enough of a reason to have established a liaison between the with “Cuoche per caso,” the passion and respect Valeria has for natural, local and fresh products of all the regions of Italy, is unsurpassed.

Valeria and her school are, of course, associated with Slow Food.

Cultural experiences will be care of Iterarte and its associates

Iterarte is an association that has been active in promoting art and culture in Rome and around Italy for about 20 years. Fiorenza Rausa and Claudia Viggiani co-founded it, after having graduated in Art and completed a master degree in Modern Art and Medieval art the latter. They deeply know and love Rome, with all its hidden places and secret stories, and have constantly been sharing all their enthusiastic passion with the members of Iterarte and also collaborating with Italian and international institutions and clients. They specialize in cultural tourism and management and are the best possible partners for Taste in order to explore the immense treasure of the city and its surroundings.
They will plan exclusive tours and magical walks for weeks.

Giovanna Terzulli
Giovanna Terzulli is an art historian and Rome native. She has a master's degree in art history from the University of Rome "La Sapienza," with a specialization in Modern and Medieval art. She works as an editorial consultant for a number of cultural organizations in Rome including the Superintendent of Archaeology of Rome. Giovanna is fluent in Italian (mother tongue), English, and French, and has a unique interest in Mannerism.

Fiorenza Mancuso
Roman born and raised, she is an Art Historian with a talented passion for photography. She is a very active guide, specialized in walks in the less touristic spots in Rome. She loves taking you to the most beautiful and fascinating places of renaissance and baroque of the city. The "photographer eye" will make you focus on unique details, while wandering around.

In Fiè allo Sciliar, Alto Adige

Luis Agostini is the chef of the top rated restaurant “Zur Kaiserkon”, in Bolzano.
He studied and worked mostly abroad, making his rich and various experiences in Switzerland, England and France.

When he decided to share his knowledges with someone else with the same great passion he established his beautiful atelier "Condito", where he teaches “live” the preparation and the making of his most delicious and quick recipes.

He will teach the preparation of tasty dishes, cooked in the lightest and healthiest way, but, like no other great chef, he will reveal all his secrets!

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