BACK HOME is a project whose main aim is to share some ideas, some feelings, some believes.

We think that Italian cooking is intimately connected to the land and its centennial historical and human heritage.

We strongly believe that history, art and culture are the main richness of this country.

We are convinced that all of this has to be offered to anyone who would love to be part of it.

Our task is also to discover and to sustain the hundreds of local producers who bravely have decided to follow the tradition and to keep the quality of any single fruit, bottle of wine or oil, piece of cheese, a concentrate of passion, hard work, long tradition and love for our nature land.

Everyone participating to the experience will have a unique chance.

To find out that this is a country about which everyone things to know much, but still there is such a lot to discover and to live with all of five senses.

We also did not hesitate a second in willing to support those who are not lucky like us.

Share the lucky chance. supports Save the Children ©

Consider this.
As far as it is possible, embraces and supports the philosophy and the approach inspiring Slow Food © and Terra Madre ©

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