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During your week as a Roman, you will enjoy guided tours to unique artistic and historical sites in and around Rome. We will stroll ancient cobble stoned streets discovering the intimate essence of this magical country. On our way we will luxuriate in the authentic tastes of cappuccino, espresso, the best pizza, exquisite wines, and platters of assorted cheeses accompanied by a selection of our famous “salumi”.
Always known as the capital of the Roman Empire and then the seat of the Catholic Church, Rome is waiting to disclose centuries of treasures to those who will get the complexity and variety of all the cultures and the people that made it the most beautiful city in the world.

Only the enthusiasts will discover the hidden soul and richness that we are ready to share. We will divert from traditional itineraries to let you experience and enjoy the secrets of the ancient remainders in the underground of the pulsing town.

We will access private palaces and amazing collections, will wander along entire untouched medieval, renaissance and baroque “rioni”.

We will take you to the unique “Villas”, designed and conceived for the old noble families, still representing a greener oasis in a green city.

There will never be enough time to visit all the churches, the squares and the fountains in Rome. But we will take you to special places from which you will get unforgettable views to take with you for ever.

Let all your senses be filled by something impossible to describe, only to be lived: lights and colours, flavours and tastes, voices, sounds and even noises everywhere to be caught at any time of the day.

Why not going shopping in the “Tridente”? It’s one of the most exclusive and beautiful places in the world where all major Italian and international designers and ateliers established their stores and boutiques.

Every year Rome offers different cultural programs and exhibitions, concerts and events, as never experienced in the past. The movie industry is back again: after la Dolce Vita, now is the time that major directors are setting and shooting their works in the Eternal City.

Roman architecture is not only that of the ancients. Around the city you will see the works of international architects, involved in the latest effort of making Rome an authentic European capital.You are invited to hear the unsurpassed acoustic magic of the new music Auditorium, designed by the world famous Italian architect, Renzo Piano.  

In fact there are many works in progress throughout the city. We will take you to see how the past is meeting the present and looking towards the future.

If that’s not enough, beyond the city walls you will discover a wide variety of rare gems: the ancient Ostia, the port of the Roman Empire, the emperor Adrian’s Villa, the magnificent Villa d’Este in Tivoli, amongst many more. is waiting to share all of this with you

If you already had the chance of living some of this in the past, we embrace the challenge of arranging a customized tour to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Our team consists of highly specialized art historians, cultural tourism experts and English speaking renowned tourist guides, constantly working on discovering, studying and promoting this magnificent city.

The Program>>

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