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This unique location , the most beautiful and fascinating of the Aeolian Islands, is a natural reserve protected by UNESCO, the memorable setting of the movie “The Postman”.
Social life will be at Casa del Vento, an extraordinary estate, on a traditional Aeolian terrace facing the sea, a sensuous array of experiences. Cooking lessons will be held at Solemar Hotel. This is what Salina will give you: unforgettable local color and flavour of the Mediterranean, local “sea” and “earth” recipes, filled with abundant flavours.
For the more adventurous, go  hiking on the Fossa delle Felci peak, 1000 meters above sea level, (3280 feet), offering 360° views of the Aeolian Islands extending to Mount Etna, on mainland Sicily.
Guests will enjoy the unsurpassed luxury of this brand new hotel, within a 5 minute stroll from the Casa del Vento. Your  week stay includes outings to exclusive wineries that produces the magnificent Malvasia delle Lipari , an ancient wine produced exclusively in the Aeolian region.


Aci Trezza – the Sea under the Volcano

Acitrezza is a fishermen’s village along the Sicilian coast, explored by ancient traders from the Orient and where the Italian novelist, Giovanni Verga, set his realistic and dramatic stories.

Acitrezza is also the setting chosen by Homer in the Odyssey, where Ulysses encounters the Cyclops.

In the morning you will board a little fleet of fishing boats to sail off to catch fish usting traditional techniques including nets. Immediately upon returning to the mainland, you will cook the fish that you have just caught in a newly built and fully equipped cooking school.

The expert staff will be waiting to explore the secrets of preparing extraordinary seafood recipes with you.

Guests will be hosted in resorts of unparalled beauty on the hills of Etna, immersed in the natural wonders of the provincial Sicilian countryside, with views of both the active volcano and the sea.
You will also have the opportunity to scale the summit of the mountain as well as to visit Taormina, the gem of the Sicilian eastern coast.

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