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Fiè allo Sciliar – under the most beautiful mountains in the world

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You will remain breathless while admiring the dramatic views of the Sciliar massif from the Romantik Hotel Turm, a medieval fortress, world renowned for its Spa and Restaurant.

In addition to guaranteeing pure satisfaction in our cooking courses, you will also be able to partake in hiking the highest plateau in Europe or just luxuriating in the sun along the shores of an idyllic alpine lake.

These amazing memories will be with you forever accentuated by the feelings and the “tastes” of your visits to local wineries and an illustrius cheese factory.

This is the utopian location for couples even if only one of you chooses to participate in the cooking lessons.

Of course you can also choose to spend a few hours on a magnificent 18 hole golf course framed by extraordinary vistas.

Romantik Hotel Turm in South Tyrol

Live in luxurious suites, discover old vaults and cellars, delight in the cuisine. Fulfill every wish, luxuriate in a state of the art wellness center.
Pure comfort.

This is where time flies, or stands still. It is up to you. What makes the Turm so unique is the grand mixture between the traditional Southern Tyrolean hospitality, the international charm and the dignified atmosphere. (visit hotel web-site)

Golf Club Castelrotto

“One of the most fantastic 18-hole golf courses in the North of Italy” – The unanimous opinion of experts. In this quiet and idyllic area, situated in the middle of the Dolomites, playing golf takes on a new meaning – a well groomed, challenging course and a Golf Club which bears an international reputation.

Open from March to November (altitude 850 m), the golf course stretches over an area of 60 hectares, in perfect harmony with the landscape.

Idyllic ponds, ravines, brooks, fascinating waterfalls and long fairways alternate with easier paths. Beginner and professional players, with any skill level will be deeply satisfied.

BEWARE:  While you are strategically thinking about your shot, it may be that the sight of the Dolomites takes your breath away – your concentration may get lost as you dreamily stare at the sight of the south Tyrolean mountains ruining your shot! (visit golf club web-site)

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