Program Information and Packing List


We selected houses and apartments in the best locations in Rome, to accommodate our guests and so that everyone will experience the real "Taste of Rome", living the real atmosphere of the city. Cooking lessons will be all at "Cuoche per caso" delightful cooking school. A comfortable dressing is suggested both for attending lessons and for the walking and excursions. Transfers for tours and tastings will be care of while you will be free to choose your preferred way of exploring the city while on free time.
According to the time of the year weather can be rather variable but never extremely cold. A raincoat and comfy walking shoes are recommended.

Fiè allo Sciliar

We will stay in the same Romantik Hotel for the duration of the program, the kitchen will change during the course, staff and schedule are the same. Cooking lessons will be held both in a brand new and trendy cooking school and in an amazing 14th century "maso", recently restored and transformed. All walking is easy and the rhythm of the days is consistent.

Aci Trezza

We will stay in the same accomodation for the duration of the program, the kitchen will be the same, staff and schedule are the same. We will go on boats two times and four cooking lesson are scheduled. This trip requires good physical fitness and a strong constitution. There are stairs to climb, small cobblestone streets to maneuver and a lot of tasting.


This Island can be very sunny and warm, but if it rains, it can become damp quickly. There is a lot of going up and down, and there are some steep stairs in the village. If we are lucky we will also circumnavigate the island onto a motorboat. Appropriate shoes and jacket are recommended. Good physical condition and a flexible and adventurous travel mentality are a must for this program.

Notes on Courses

Please inform us of any special needs you may have so we can determine if this trip is appropriate for you.

We will try to meet your needs to the best of our ability.

If you are vegetarian please let us know before the program.

If you have had recent surgery or are in a compromised physical state that could affect the regular activities of the group in any way, please let us know. We will try to accommodate you if we can.

TOI is especially interested in your well-being. If you have a special need, please let us know in advance. If a problem arises, please communicate it to us with patience and respect and we will do everything in our power to make it right for you.

Packing Suggestions

A good rule of thumb is to pack light. When traveling with a group, it will not only speed up transfers, but you will benefit from all that extra room for your new purchases!

This general list is appropriate for all programs but please read your itinerary carefully for individual program nuances.

A must! You will need it to board the plan at each leg of the flight, including internal flights. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months AFTER returning from your trip
Comfortable walking shoes
Raincoat or jacket
Bathing Suit (May–October)
Sunglasses and sunscreen
Travel sickness pills (for mountain drives and boat rides)


Italy is quite casual. You may dress as comfortably as you wish during the excursions and while attending cooking classes. While working in the kitchen, however, comfortable, covered shoes are a must. Aprons and knives are provided in all programs.

In Alto Adige dress is casual. Lightweight clothing is best, with a scarf, sweater and
windbreaker for cooler mornings and evenings. Sunscreen, hats, and good sturdy walking shoes for mountainous terrain, are recommended. Rain gear is necessary.
Bring layers. We will most likely encounter beautiful spring or fall weather during all programs, but having the ability to layer up or down will help you to stay comfortable whatever the weather.

We have found, in all regions, that ATM cards provide the most convenient way of acquiring cash in the local currency. The exchange rate is competitive, and having cash is much easier than using travellers checks.

Download and print our calendar and rates (Adobe Reader .pdf file)




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